December 4, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This video could not be any more beautiful. 
Maybe I cried.

August 31, 2012

Embrace Those Thunder Thighs!

First off, obviously I am not a blogger but I will keep updating it every few months or so when something inspirational hits me:) Well today something inspirational hit me so here I am updating my blog to talk about...
Wow talk about sexy legs right? Yeah I totally think so but guess what.. These are not my thighs and never will be. I could run 5 miles everyday and eat celery for every meal and I don't think my thighs would ever look like this, I am just not built that way. My thighs look a little more like this ...
Wow talk about sexy legs right? Yeah I totally think so! A few years ago I totally would have complained about the size of my thighs and how shopping for pants is the worst experience of my life. Now all I can say is although the first picture of thighs could probably pull off a pair of skinny jeans much better than me the second picture of thighs could probably out squat the first like no other. Shopping for pants is still the worst experience of my life but guess what I don't give a crap that my inner thighs touch anymore... I like wearing my workout pants better anyway:) 
Slowly but surely my love of Crossfit has changed the way I look at my body... for the better. Crossfit loves my thighs and I no longer feel the need to starve myself in order to fit into a pair of size 2 skinny jeans.  My beefy legs have gotten me through some wicked hard workouts and I love them for it!!! 
Thank you Crossfit for embracing my thunder thighs!


This last weekend my Crossfit Draper peeps competed at the Retro Games in Layton. We had three team compete and out of 32 teams my team took 4th. It was hard, really really hard both mentally and physically. I did it though and totally ate some cookies when I was done because well... I deserved it! 

The Crossfit Draper Teams! 

Alvin (one of the most awesome crossfitters ever) made this sweet video of highlights from the games! 

yeah you could say I am obsessed with Crossfit. I will take it as a compliment. :)

June 18, 2012

Reception Video and thank you's!

Well here it is, the last of our video from our wedding day. This one is worth watching the whole thing just to see me biff it on the dance floor in my wedding dress :) If you were there watch closely because you will probably make an appearance!!! Big thanks to all those who made this day so special for me. 
-My mom, she pretty much put this whole thing on. I gave her my vision and she brought it to life. Everything was better than I even wanted! Thanks mom!
- My dad, the sign at the beginning of the video...yeah my dad made that, and the lighted wood hanging that me and cars stood under during the reception, yeah he made that too, he is pretty amazing. Thanks for everything that you put into my wedding dad!
-Vicky Bowers, Helped out my mom so so so much! When my mom needed help Vicky was her go to person to call and always had the best ideas! I know my mom was extremely grateful for all of the help she got from Vicky, the day of the wedding Vicky made sure everything ran smoothly and was running to and from the kitchen the entire time. Thanks for all your help Vicky, you are the best!
- Bridesmaids and Groomsman, because I didn't hire a wedding planner or a venue to decorate everything they came early to the reception area to set everything up and stayed late to take everything down and clean up, you guys have no idea how much stress that relieved from me and my family! Thank you so much for being such great friends to me and Carson we love you guys!
-Christine Thomas, My cousin and florist. Um if you didn't see my bouquet you need to go HERE now and take a look. It was so beautiful, all the flowers were! The flowers just made the wedding come to life! Thank you Christine...You are amazing!
-Wendy and Scott/Carson's parents, I love them! I am so lucky to now be a part of their family! They put together the most perfect wedding dinner the night before (doesn't get better than Cafe Rio!) they helped out so much with the whole night but most of all I am grateful for their support and love!
-Abbey Kyhl, our photographer who we absolutely love and would recommend to everyone! She is so personable and me and Carson feel so comfortable. I loved her so much I did an entire blog post on her HERE. Thanks Abbey for capturing the best day of my life!
- Haugen Creative, our wedding video is one of my most favorite things! I still watch it all the time and I keep loving it even more, they are so talented and fun to work with.
other family and friends- Thank you so so so much for all the support that you gave me and Carson! We are so grateful and feel blessed to have such amazing people surrounding us! Thank you to all those who threw me wedding showers and put time into making me and Carson feel special!  You guys are the best!!!!

June 11, 2012

Krispy Kreme

You will want to watch this twice because it is even better the second time around. This isn't the only one either.. more of his greatness is on youtube and also available for itunes download:)

May 30, 2012

not so good days

These last few days haven't exactly been my favorite. Do you have any idea how much it is to get your car out of the impound lot after being held there over the weekend? Well I do, it's $325. Good thing me and Carson are like totally rich....not. We went to the Bee's game with my cousin Megan and our friend Ben, sounds fun right?! Well turns out we parked by someones private business and the little tow truck came and picked up the car. We go to the impound lot to get it and turns out they are closed until Tuesday. Carson's car sat there all weekend, they wouldn't even let us get out his backpack, golf clubs, or the most important thing... the doughnuts on the front seat! It was really rude, and then they make us use our grocery money for the month to get the car out. Carson decided to go talk to a judge because of the ridiculousness of situation, he granted us $85 dollars back. At first I was mad that it was only $85 but I guess we are lucky to get anything back, now we can at least buy bread and milk for the month :) Oh and the doughnuts were all melted and nasty from sitting in the hotness all weekend, so that totally stunk. We now hate the impound for ruining our doughnuts and putting us into debt. So lame!
 To get rid of the stress we went to the temple last night and I walked out feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world again. The temple + my husband = the perfect night. I have been kinda negative towards myself lately and after we got out of the temple I remembered what it really important in life. I made Carson twirl me around in the front of the temple, I don't know if he wanted to but it made me feel happy and I fell asleep smiling that night.
When I woke up that next morning I looked at my phone and read the text that I had been dreading. Carson's grandpa had passed away from cancer.
I love that man. In the short time I got to know him he made me feel like I had always been a part of the family. He became grandpa to me within minutes of meeting him. There was always a hug and always a smile, he loved his wife and his family more than anything. Me and Carson both looked up to him so much, I am so grateful that I was able to meet such a great man. He will always be in our hearts! LOVE YOU GRANDPA CAMPBELL!!!!

cars, doughnuts, money, and little negative thoughts don't matter.
family matters. 

May 15, 2012

Mother's day talk

We got that call from a member of the bishopric the other week. The one where you know you are going to be asked to do something:)
Well the asked me and Cars to speak at Church on Mother's Day. This being my third time speaking on Mothers Day at church. I had the great idea to just find one of my old talks on the computer and reuse that:) I must of not saved them though because they could not be found so that forced me to write a new talk. Giving the actual talk doesn't make me near as nervous as preparing the talk! Of course I write an entire talk and then the Thursday before church I decide to rewrite a completely different talk. It all worked out though and my talk went great! Carson of course is just the greatest and his talk made me cry, I am so so so grateful for him and his testimony. He makes me better!
I wanted to share a little bit of my talk so that next time I am asked to speak on Mother's Day I can just look back here and use parts of this:)

"Motherhood is not what was left over after our Father blessed his Sons with the privilege of the priesthood ordination. it was the most ennobling endowment he could give his daughters" -Sheri Dew

Think about why we are here...
We are here to build the kingdom of God! Now if you thought your math homework or cleaning the house was a big task how about trying to build the kingdom of God. It is amazing that God trust us enough to send down his children so that we can love and lead them through life and help them make it back to where they started, with our Father in Heaven.

love and lead, two words that pretty much sum up the work of God and Christ, and if our work is the Lord's work then I would say it is pretty important that we love and lead. Loving and leading is the essence of women.

We are taught over and over that motherhood is sacred. The prophets have never ever changed their teachings on the doctrine of motherhood. Never. It has always been the same and always will be. It it crucial that we understand our role and identity as a women. If we do not understand it then Satan will tear us down. He will tell us that being a mother and woman is nothing special, he will continue to try and devalue our roles. Do not let Satan confuse you with things of the world.

Being a mother has a very deep meaning. We usually think of motherhood as having and raising children, and is most definitely is that but we must remember that it is also the core of who we are as women. Children or not we each must love and lead those around us. Some of us will not have to opportunity to have children here in this life, this does not mean that the Lord does not trust you or love. There is no question about how the Savior feels about us. All around us are people that need us, they need to be loved, and they need to be lead. There is a rising generation and if they do not see righteous womanhood modeled from us they will not find it anywhere else. They will try to find their identity in the world, when you try to find your identity in the world you will not find happiness.

I am grateful to my mother who has taught me who I really am, that I am not a woman of the world but that I am a woman of God and that he loves me. Every child need to be taught that, those are the kinds of lessons that do not get erased from your child's memory. They can then teach their children and  you can then look back and see a righteous posterity of woman who know what their calling in life is.

Before we came down to earth I think our Father in Heaven described our role to us, he told us that we would be loving and leading his children back to him. I do not think we said "Well that is lame, can't we do something better, something more exciting?' No. I think we stood there is aw that we would trust us enough, we knew that there was no greater calling. We can't let the Lord down, be worthy of his Trust and continue to love and lead his children.

I know that as we pray to understand our roles as women we will find purpose and joy. President Hinckley said, " He who is our Eternal Father has blessed you with miraculous powers of mind and body. He never intended that you should be less than the crowning glory of His creation."

LOVE YOU MOM! Thank for always being such a positive example a woman and a mother :)

April 25, 2012

Wedding Day Video

I am sooo excited to share our wedding video! It's my new favorite movie.

I cried during this whole thing the first time I watched it, and I still cry when I see Carson and I walking up the stairs at the beginning. I treasure this video with all my heart! is simply the best! I could never thank them enough for capturing the everything so perfectly.

April 20, 2012

Marriage Is For Losers

If you are married you must read THIS
and if you ever want to married you must read THIS

We need to learn to be losers.
2 losers equals a winning marriage.
I love my loser.

April 17, 2012

My Tuesday Tune

this is awesome.

I think she rocks.

and if you didn't like then how about this?

April 6, 2012


Tag i'm it! 

Here is how it works!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.
6. No saying "If you're reading this, you're tagged!"

11 Random Things About MEEEE!

1. Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite movie. I will have a little girl one day and I will call her little Belle:)
2. Mullets. Are. AWESOME! I'v had this weird obsession with them since the 7th grade, I think it had something to do with a Queen phase I went through One day I will make Carson grow one but until now I just live off of pictures that my friends send me. 
3. I have 9 frequent buyer yogurt stamp cards from different places in my wallet. I crave it all the time and could eat it everyday for the rest of my life!
4. I currently have 4 jobs and love every single one of them. Caretaker for the mentally disabled, Crossfit trainer, yoga instructor, and dance/cheer/tumbling teacher. To say I am busy is a understatement. 
5. I have always wanted to go on a mission and thought I would go before I got married but marriage came first and so my mission will have to wait until my kids are all grown up and I can go with my husband. 
6. I am my dads favorite daughter! ...I don't have any sisters but even if I did I would still be his favorite:) I have a real special place in my heart for my daddy. I love him so much!!! 
7.  I floss my teeth every single night no matter how late or how tired I am.
8. my dream job is to teach fitness classes to disabled people. 
9. My purse is like a refrigerator, I always have bags of fruit and vegetables inside. 
10. I am in love with the moon. (and my husband of course) 
11. I have a picking problem. We have recently started taking off our wallpaper in our house and I could pick that stuff off for hours! My picking problem also transfers over into things like zits and scabs. yum!

Questions for me from Lexie:
1.if you could dye your skin any color (if having some crazy color of skin was in) what color would you be? why?  PINK! It's pretty and it makes me happy! 
2.what is your current favorite song? why? and give us the favorite line? Oh boy I go through weekly song obsessions and this week it seems to be Amazing Eyes by Good Old War it's been on repeat for days. I don't know that I have a favorite line, the entire feel of the song just gets to me!
3.if you could give 1,000,000 to a charity fund. what would you choose? Wow this one is hard! There are so so so many great charity things out there! I would have to do a little research on it but I would love to give money to a foundation that helps disadvantaged families with disabled children. 
4.if you could be any character from a movie who would you choose? easy, BELLE! She is smart, beautiful, classy, and lives in a castle. 
5.what is your favorite childhood memory? Hmmm well if you know me you know I have the memory of a goldfish. Childhood is all a blur to me. Oh here we go..... I remember I would always get so excited when it would rain outside because that meant that the dirt in the front of the house would get really muddy. I would go outside and make "mud pies" and then play house and pretend to serve my mud pies to my "friends." good times with just me and the mud. 
6. if you could transport your self ANYWHERE (earth or space) where would you go? THE MOON:)
7. who would you take with you to (answer of question 6) just this really hot guy named Carson Williams
8. Peeta or Gale? GALE all the way! Not just because he is hottie in the movie either... 
9. if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life and NOT get fat or have any health problems what would you choose? Pumpkin chocolate chip bread from great harvest and peanut butter frozen yogurt with cookie dough on top. ( okay I know that's two things but I couldn't pick) 
10. what is your guilty pleasure tv show/book/magazine/anything? hmmm I don't really have time to indulge myself in guilty pleasures... but if I did it would probably be stupid, pointless, yet hilarious YouTube videos like this.
11. do you perfer Spring.. Winter.. Summer.. Fall..? SUMMER all the way no question. boating. sun. frozen yogurt. warm night looking up at the moon. 

okay so thats that! I am now tagging...
here are your 11 questions to answer
1. What is your favorite Cereal?
2. If you could buy all your clothes from one department store where would it be?
3. What is the last book you read and did you like it?
4. Nsync or Backstreet Boys?
5. What's the farthest away from home you have been?
6. Who did you want to marry when you were little?
7. Do you have any strange phobias?
8. What was your first job?
9. What is your favorite quote? 
10. what is your pet peeve?
11. If you had choose between never washing your bed sheet or bath towel which would it be?

March 20, 2012

Messy House

I cleaned the entire house last week thinking it would last until forever and I would never have to clean again. 
Someone really messed this place up though because now all I see is an over flowing laundry basket, a sink filled with hair, crusty dishes, and dirty floors. Yup that's my house and it scares me sometimes. I need a mom to clean it for me. 

or a maid. 

.....I guess I am the maid huh...

well here's to a day of cleaning! 

hopefully THIS song will keep me motivated ...

March 9, 2012

one day and two post... I'm awesome!

Found this and had to share!

I love the orginal but this cover is so good, like better than the original good.

my love of yoga

I used to never understand yoga. Why would people pay money to stretch and sleep and pretend they are becoming more in tune with their "mind. body. spirit" It all seemed silly to me! I remember walking out of my first yoga class thinking "Well that was dumb!" To me no sweat meant no workout. I didn't really find interest in going back and planned to just stick to my blood, sweat, and tears routine.
As a cheerleader in high school I was already stretching almost everyday and so I was pretty bendy then high school ended and stretching ended. One day I discovered I could no longer do my splits, and I was determined to get them back! I started stretching on my own at the gym after my cardio. I started out stretching for 10-15 minutes and it slowly developed into me sitting in the little corner of my gym for 45 minutes to an hour just stretching. I still didn't have much interest in yoga until I heard of Bikram. I went with a friend and left in complete shock and almost shaking from the intensity of that class. I have never sweat more in my life, so naturally I was in love. I bought a pass and started faithfully going. It was there that I found my connection to yoga. It was my escape from society and it started to become less about the physical benefits of yoga and more about the mental benefits. It started to become very therapeutic for me and I finally started to understand the "mind, body, spirit" part of yoga. It was in that studio that I decided I wanted to teach others. I wanted to be a yoga instructor.
I now have a deep love for ALL styles of yoga and when done right with the right mind it leads to a spiritual change that's hard to describe. If everyone did yoga, I think the world would be a better place:)

here's some yoga inspiration :)

how beautiful is this?

yoga changes lives!

yoga benefits.


February 26, 2012

our sweet awesome perfect radical date video by the amazingly talented Haugen Creative

In the brutal days of being engaged I used to torement myself with other peoples wedding videos dreaming of my special day and feeling like it was forever far away. I wasted a lot of time just soaking up other peoples love for eachother. It just makes me so happy! After I got engaged I knew I wanted someone superly awesome to film our wedding. I did lots of research and decided to go with Haugen Creative. THEY ARE THE COOLEST BESTEST VIDEO PEOPLE AROUND AND I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Okay but really after we got our date video back I just about passed out, it was perfect and I felt like they captured our friendship and love as a couple. It was just what I wanted! We showed this video at our wedding dinner the day before we got married and then it was also playing at our wedding with our pictures of each other displayed next to it.

so here it is:)

I am so happy I have something like this to show our 12 kids when we get old, fat, and boring:)
check back soon because our wedding video will be making an apperence!

... and spellcheck is not working right so please forgive me and my tearible speeling skillz

February 21, 2012

Valentines Day Awesomeness

I woke up to a fresh aroma of banana pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice. I ran into the kitchen where Carson had set up a romantic candlelight breakfast. We enjoyed our heart shaped pancakes and talked about how much we loved eachother. It was then off the work for both of us, as I got into my car it was filled with lots of chocolate and roses with the most romantic note about me being the hottest, most awesomest, best wife ever in the whole entire universe. I drove to work and carson randomly sent me "I love you" texts throughout the day:) I came home to clean house and my husband waiting at the door with a big kiss. We went to The Melting Pot for dinner and again talked about mushy gushy romance kinda stuff. Then we went to frozen yogurt where he let me get the biggest size filled to the brim with peanut butter yogurt and cookie dough on top. I was in love with my frozen yogurt... and Carson. He then took me shopping and let me pick out some new running shoes that I have been needing. He told me he had lots of money so that I could go wild. I ended up buying the shoes, new pants, and new cell phone case, some jewelery, and a dress. I am so glad we are rich! I just wish I could have gotten the purse but he had to step in somewhere or else we would have had to sell our house... but like I said, we're rich! We then drove home holding hand and flapping our eyelashes at eachother. Then when we got home to top everything off there was a check in the mail for a million dollars! WOOHOO!!!! okay that was lie. and thing before that was a lie, and before that, and the we're rich part is also a lie, and we didn't go to the Melting Pot..... and our Valentines Day looked a little more like this....
I woke up early to teach Crossfit and Carson went to work. Then I came home from Crossfit and got ready for job #2 teaching dance and cheer at Bliss. Luckily Carson works so close to home that he got to come home on his lunch break to eat with me! On my way to work I stopped by the Chocolate Cottage to pick up some chocolate strawberries for Carson...and for me:) I got home around 7ish and started to clean the house a little before Carson got home from school. I also had picked up our wedding video a few days earlier so I got that set up on the TV to surprise him. Carson got home from school at around 9 or so and I was so so so excited to see him. When I heard his car pull up I literally got thousands of butterflies. He came in and a gave him a Valentines Day hug and kiss. We then watched our wedding video and I cried like a baby the whole time. Then I cried because I love my husband so much. We didn't get to do anything crazy and we didn't have the money to buy eachother presents but it was the best Valentines Day of my life!
I superly duperly love this guy!

oh ps. Carson did buy Frozen Yogurt which is like 1083gjr89bh83a4 times better than flowers.